New Management to Take Over at Shawnee Lodge


PDT Staff Writer

For the first time in about 27 years Shawnee State Park and Lodge will be under a new management company.

Since 1985, the lodge and park had been under the management of Xanterra Parks & Resorts Inc. Beginning Feb. 14, it will be managed by South Dakota-based U.S. Hotel & Resort Management.

“At the end of the contract period we always bid the contracts out, Xanterra and US Hotels both bid. The proposals were judged on a scoring system that showed U.S. Hotels bid was stronger,” said Jim Henahan, spokesman for Ohio State Parks.

Henahan said Xanterra Parks & Resorts Inc. manages every other state park and lodge.

U.S. Hotel & Resort Management was also awarded the management contract of Hueston Woods Lodge near Oxford, Ohio.

U.S. Hotels & Reort Management President Tom Biegler said his company is planning several improvement at Shawnee.

“People can expect tremendous changes. First and foremost the lodge gets a new roof; it’s needed one for a couple of years. Between the two lodges there will be tremendous work done,” Biegler sad.

He said most of the work will be done in guest areas.

“Sleeping rooms will get new bathrooms, the cabins will be completely redone. We’ve got a design team coming out next week to do some work and provide us with estimates.” Biegler said. “We are going to do all of this work so when people come to the Portsmouth area they will be excited to stay at the lodge. We are really excited to be in Ohio.”

He said all current employees at the lodge will be offered employment with the new company.

U.S. Hotel was awarded a 10-year contract to manage Shawnee State Park and Lodge and Hueston Woods Lodge.

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